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 Exhibition Design  


Terezin, Prague, Ostrova, Ein-Harod, Lohmei ha Getaot

At the traveling exhibit, the life-stories of Peretz Beda Mayer and Fritz Haendel are illustrated with their remarkable art. Jewish wanderings and fates, spiritual perseverance and adhering to cultural values amidst genocide and pain – these are the focal points of the exhibit's ideology. On the plane of expression, the spectator is fascinated by the two heroes’ irresistible charm and sense of humor, especially brightly shown in their caricatures; Beda’s grotesque ‘circus of life and death’; genuine documents and artifacts from Mauritius detention camp etc. While Beda’s paintings have been shown in a few occasions in Israel, Fritz's exquisite drawings, cartoons, wood sculptures and woodcuts are shown for the first time.

Curator – Elena Makarova, Israel
Designer – Georg Schrom, Vienna
Multimedia – Efim Haim Kuchuk, Israel


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