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A soft light scarf printed with an original artwork

Oil on wood board

Padua, Italy, 2015

Discovering the decorative pumpkins made my day! I hurried home from the shop and got busy painting them. In plain daylight, the reflection of the view made me feel dreamy.

Size: 130x200 cm

Material: 100% Viscose-Modal

Designed in Italy

Made in China

Dreamlike Still Life

€ 156,00Price
  • All designs are originally my Artworks, printed on a light natural fabric, pleasant to touch, compact to carry, and certainly unique.

    Thank you for allowing me to share with you my vision of the world: wearing it as a foulard or a dress, hanging it as a wall decoration or a curtain. 
    This printed fabric belongs to the first set of a limited edition of 25 artworks

    10% of the profits will go to non-profit Art-therapy workshops for person with Alzheimer disease.

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