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Art Skills Courses
Next course in Padua
"Beyond the technique"
"Beyond the technique"
A group course with the artist Maria Makarov, in presence. 12 meetings, every Wednesday evening,
30 set 2020, 20:00 – 16 dic 2020, 20:00
Officina delle Belle Arti,
Via Battaglia, 109, 35020 Sant'Agostino PD, Italy

I teach art skills in the Art-therapy Lyceum of Milan since 2014.  We practice working with pencil, charcoal, pastels, clay, collage, ink, watercolor, gouache and with recycled materials. The students, future Art-therapists are in a various range of age, as well as artistic background, some of them have never worked with art materials before.

If you are curious to look at the Lyceum’s activities, click here

Few times a year I introduce skills to small private groups as well, in Italy and Russia.

There are groups for adults and children courses as well.

What it is good for?
The courses, allowing the participants to learn using certain material, through the experience of drawing or painting real objects, landscapes and portrait, can be a first step into a world of creativity, exploration of the world surrounding us, and as a side effect; the inner world as well. It is an exercise in patience and will power, time devoted to ourselves, together with enjoying the practice as a process, evolving toward something, which is much more important than an instant result: our unique way of seeing things, and the satisfaction from the discoveries we may find on our way.

Who can participate?
If you never had tried drawing, or if you had, and made a long break, or if you are an artist, and would like to refresh your drawing with a different approach, this might work for you!

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