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Studying in Padua

Come to study and explore Padua and surroundings armed with a sketchbook!

Padua is a very old city in the north of Italy. The ancient town center is full of various significant architectural monuments. It is not very tourist-oriented, so visitors can enjoy the town’s authentic atmosphere. Venice and Verona are close, and in the immediate vicinity, you can find the beautiful villas of the Veneto region, the Riviera del Brenta, and the small charming villages of the Euganean Hills.


I invite you to combine the drawing classes in my atelier or outdoors with a one-day drawing trip to Venice. Travelling with your sketchbook is very different than just travelling. And for those who are interested, I will assign small drawing assignments to be completed while strolling around, and I will personally review each participant’s work.

Lets plan!

Contact me here and we will plan together  time frame, accommodation, trips and classes.

See you soon in Padua!

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