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 On-site Exhibition 


Caffé Pedrocchi, Padua, Italy

..."The artist view, produced in watercolours, pastel and ink, which represent the interiors of the Café and it’s close surroundings, the spirit of the place, its familiar essence, its peculiar characteristics and the sense of creative spontaneity and commonality of feeling that inspires her, always filtering them through the thin and refined veil of personal sensitivity and tradition.

The Green Room’s history, as a culture catalyst and an attraction for such a large audience of the most varied social background and origin, makes the Green Room of Caffè Pedrocchi is an ideal place of stimulation for the author, who produces on the spot, specifically for the event , portraits and glimpses on the interiors, interacting with the present public.


An exhibition of great interest for its intercultural character and an important tribute to the city of Padua and one of its most representative symbols."

Maria Palladino, Curator


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