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 Conceptual Exhibition  


Caffe Boetto, Padua, Italy

Caffè Boetto is located in one of the most beautiful central zones in Padua, Riviera San Benedetto. I discovered it while strolling around with my sketchbook. When I entered the place, I held my breath: it seemed as the time inside has stopped years ago. The interior, decorated with souvenirs from the past travelling or very old children's toys, plants and slightly distorted paintings on the walls, all together created a feeling of an eclectic time travel, a place very dear to its owners, almost a home.

 Indeed, the Boetto is one of the oldest cafes in town; it exists since 1948, and passes from generation to generation.  The present owners are Gianni and Anna, brother and sister. Gianni loves plants and nature; in the parallel room, he founded the hospital of the plants: there he cures any plant brought to the hospital, until it is well, all free of charge!

 Above that, he grows all kind of trees and vegetables, flowers and grapes, all along the Riviera. I was and still am fascinated by this place, that became a second home to me, fills me with peace and inspires me. Anna and Gianni were so kind to host two of my exhibitions, dedicated to the life of the Caffe Boetto and its inhabitants.


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