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 Solo Exhibition  


Tel Aviv

Florentin is not in Florence, it is a neighborhood in the south of Tel-Aviv, that has a parallel story to the Greenwich Village, a neighborhood In New York, that was industrial and the only habitants were the ones who couldn't afford renting a room in town, basically living and working at the same place.

Then the artists, musicians who as you can imagine didn't have a big money resources, and needed large spaces, where one can make some real noise and paint without caring much about the tightness, found lofts and spaces for rent in Florentin, as in New York they moved to Greenwich Village. Soon enough,  the neighborhood started to change, developing social structures,  and before you knew it,  renovation came, and the prices raised. My Florentin Period begun at 1999, and finished at 2013.

Those were the years of a strong change, and the population was mixed between old residents, artists, and new entrants who searched for an opportunity in the big city.

I was exploring the coffeehouses and painting moved by urban and human inspiration.

The exhibition contained painting, drawing, installation, movie and a catalog in Hebrew and Russian.


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