Martha's Letter

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The Letter of Marta Richterová


This is the only extant letter delivered from Riga to the Protectorate. Its author is Marta Richterová, who was born in Brno. It was written on May 16, 1943 in the Czech language. In the railroad car repair plant where Marta was sent to work, she made the acquaintance of a "courier," an elderly man who was going to Prague on holiday. The letter is written in small compact handwriting; even experts at the Jewish Museum could not decipher some places, so ellipses have been inserted there. The figures that she gives often do not coincide with post-war historians’ calculations, but the events she describes cannot be questioned.
Unfortunately, we could not find a photo of Marta: the Brno archives have not yet been indexed. We do know that she was born on November 26, 1909. On December 2, 1941, she was deported from Brno to Terezín, then to Riga on the first transport. The last mention of Marta is on October 1, 1944, the day she arrived in Stutthof concentration camp.

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