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The rhythm, the sound and the movement are parallel to points and lines, or vice versa.

The performance is made entirely live by drawing and is composed of music, drawing and dance that blend together composing a new multi-sensorial work, always new and different, alive. Maria Makarov paints with charcoal (or oil chalks) on a large sheet of paper or stretched fabric (10-15 meters) while Stolfo Fent  (EthnoLoops) composes live music with ethno electrical instruments. Sounds.

A thin line joins and mixes between music and drawing and mix in to the dance of Ingrid Zorini that integrates or opposes or even reflects the rhythm of the performance movement at different times. All this is much more than Naked Line.


The PERFORMANCE is divided into different moments in the show. In the first moment the artists make the performance and the the lines can be abstract or have a hint of figurative. The performance lasts about 15 minutes, and can be done another two or three rounds, each one different if combined with other shows.

The SECOND STAGE occurs at the end of the musical composition: when the music ends, the audience will be invited to participate and bring the colors within the "lines", accompanied by another set, similar or in contrast with the first with pastel colors or acrylic.

The developed work can be purchased and can remain exposed in the galleries. An interesting option is the moment of sharing that can be created by breaking down the work or cutting, if not purchased, into small pieces of A3, reusable in different contexts (for example as setting in case of an aperitif, dinner after the performance) or you can think of an occasion where parts of the work can be put on sale for charity or given to participants.

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