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Art Therapy Workshops

Art therapy as a practice started in the 20th century. It has various directions and paths.

One of its founders was Edith Kramer, and we follow in her footsteps.

We practice Art as a process, and not the result, as a way to express our inner feelings and thoughts, and feel the freedom to do it with the help of the art materials and techniques, and the art teacher, who is there only to assist, give the right task and material, but not judge or analyze.

The artworks created speak for themselves, and the dialog begins.

We create an atmosphere that wakes up the creative resources hidden in everyone of us, a play field that combines drawing, motion, music, sculpture, painting, and sometimes even theater.

Who does it help and how?

The beautiful thing about Art Therapy is that when it is rightly done, it can help absolutely anyone, and harms no-one. It helps in many ways: gaining a new or fresh point of view on the most regular things of everyday life, developing a taste for art and a desire to create, overcoming old complexes about one’s incapability of creating something worthy, and raising the self esteem in that way. It helps grown-ups connect with their inner child, and as a result they feel light and capable of playing and enjoying, and recalling skills lost along the way. This helps them to better connect with their children as well.

About us

I started working as an assistant to Elena Makarova in 2010.

Fyodor Makarov has joined us at 2012.

We work together, and separately as well, with groups from 15 to 120 participants all over the world.

Read more about The History of Our Family’s Involvement with Art Therapy

How to participate

We run a few Art Therapy workshops a year, organized by different producers around the world, as well as online courses, which we found very efficient.

Send us a message here, and we will inform you about the next workshop!

Groups and communities of all kinds are more than welcomed to initiate their own workshop as well.

Thanks! Message sent.

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