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Art therapy workshops

In our workshops we create an atmosphere that wakes up the creative resources, hidden in every one of us.

It's a lovely playground for releasing, recreation and learning, both about Art and about the Self.

In this process we combine drawing, motion, music, sculpture, painting, and sometimes even theater.

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Online art courses

Studying Online has its advantages!

You can do the exercises in your own free time, 
You can practice at home, or any other place that suits your mood.

You get a quick online respond, you can share your works with others,  or choose to show them to the teacher only.

Once you get the course, you can return to it with no time limit

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Art skills courses

Art skills courses for all ages and levels!

My teaching method is based on drawing from life with simple tools like pencil, charcoal and ink.

You will learn about shape, volume, rhythms and patterns, and develop a deeper understanding for art.

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Come to study in Padua, Italy

In my courses you will never be asked to copy from a photograph.
Drawing from life one can go deeper into the experience. 

Padua is a great place for inspiration, where you can tour around for endless points of view, beauty and history.

I offer you a creative learning experience in my atelier and around the city.

Let's plan your stay!
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