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I was born in Moscow and then grew up in Israel. I have always been attracted to the great masters of the Gothic and Renaissance eras. I followed my passion to Italy, living briefly in beautiful Florence and Venice, but Padua's magic swept my heart away, with its Capella degli Scrovegni of Giotto; there I felt complete. I have been living and creating in Padua since 2013, using multiple techniques such as watercolor, ink and oil paints. While painting is hard work for some, I find painting like breathing or having a meal; it gives me strength to go on. The most beautiful things in life are simple, and I try to keep my art simple and clear for all. Composition, form, colors, and being true to my self, being "in the zone", expressing my point of view and actual state of mind, even when it's about the most ordinary or banal subjects, this is what matters to me, and when I manage to do this, that is my personal success.


Thank you for joining me in my adventure!

9 February 2022 | Online

Seeing colors

New online course , for Russian speakers Language – Russian

Restart! September 2021 | On Instagram

Live Art Class for Kids and parents

For children from 7 years old, 17:30 Moscow time, on Thursdays.
Language - Russian

Restart! October 2020 | On Instagram

Live Art Class for Kids

For children from 3 to 6 years old, 11.30 Moscow time, on Sundays.
Language - Russian. 


Let us create and have fun together!

You can purchase a MaKa Art creative video lessons packages for kids from 3 years old, exploring different art materials in a playful mood. Language - Russian 

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